Sunday, January 2, 2011

jin loves to eat at home, December 27, 2010 - January 2, 2011

The Sunday after Christmas is my day with mom. Dad is in the province, brother and sister are out with the girlfriend and the boyfriend… that leaves me, the single Ate, malling with mom.

Here is how we spend the day:


IMG_4427Movie at Newport Mall. The film? Dalaw. Because Mom insists.


IMG_4423And a quick snack at McDonald’s. Because Twister Fries is back!!!


I lovelove movie dates with Mom. And Twister Fries!


December 27, 10:43am

IMG_4437Chicken liver and gizzard pate on wheat baguette, ham and sage cheese on pandesal

IMG_4485Persimmon, pomelo, guava


December 28, 9:54am

IMG_4486White cherries, pomelo

IMG_4490Fresh grape juice


December 29, 2:36pm

IMG_4537Besugo fillet, winter melon, sautéed cabbage, asparagus with shrimps, rice

IMG_4536Oranges, pomelo, apple


December 29, 6:21pm

IMG_4539Black chicken adobo, vegetables with mushrooms, fish fillet with red and green peppers


December 30, 1:19pm

IMG_4594Garlic turbo chicken, omelet, fried steak, breaded pork chop, spinach, rice

IMG_4596Pomelo, dragon fruit, star apple, guava


December 31, 1:06pm

IMG_4632Tuna steak, cauliflower with mushrooms and shrimps, okra, pork barbeque, rice

IMG_4630Apple, guava, pomelo, dragon fruit


December 31, 7:56pm

IMG_4634Pre-dinner: Black chicken in Chinese herbal soup
See my real dinner here


January 1, 2:59pm

IMG_4705Garlic fish fillet, mushroom omelet, Chinese cabbage, mushroom rice

IMG_4706Pomelo, dragon fruit, apple, guava


January 2, 1:41pm

IMG_4781Korean style pork spaghetti, boiled tong ho vegetables

IMG_4782Pomelo, apple, dragon fruit, melon, pear, guava

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