Sunday, January 2, 2011

Heat at Edsa Shangri-La ♥

Heat buffet edsa shangri-laHealthy Eating – NOT! It’s buffet for chrissake!
Amazing Tastes – Not really. Well, except for the raclette.


Heat buffet edsa shangri-laCold Seafoods


Heat buffet edsa shangri-laSushi and Sashimi


Heat buffet edsa shangri-laGrilled Stuff


Heat buffet edsa shangri-laChurrasco


Heat buffet edsa shangri-laPasta Station


Heat buffet edsa shangri-laChinese Station


Heat buffet edsa shangri-laLechon Station


Heat buffet edsa shangri-laIndian Station


Heat buffet edsa shangri-laCarving Station


Heat buffet edsa shangri-laNoodle Station


Heat buffet edsa shangri-la cheeseCold Cuts, Nuts, Olives


Heat buffet edsa shangri-la cheeseCheese Station. I LOVE YOU, RACLETTE!!!


Heat buffet edsa shangri-laCakes


Heat buffet edsa shangri-laFruits and Mini Pastries


Heat buffet edsa shangri-laChocolate Fountains


Heat buffet edsa shangri-la halo haloHalo-Halo and “Cold Stone” Station


IMG_4742My appetizer


IMG_4752My main course


IMG_4746My first raclette plate. Just a small serving of it plus other cheeses, too.


IMG_4751Second raclette plate, because it’s so good!


IMG_4761Third raclette plate, because it’s so good and I am a pig.


IMG_4755Raisin bread – my Heat staple


IMG_4769I have a bad case of sore throat from too much eating, so this is all I have for dessert.


IMG_4775Fatterside cousins


We were also here at Heat same day of last year. Here’s what I had on January 1, 2010:

IMG_8801Salad, smoked salmon, liver terrine, cheeses, figs


IMG_8804Raisin bread, prawn, sushi, sashimi


IMG_8807Lamb chop, prime rib, peking duck roll, lamb curry, biryani, squid, ebi tempura, scallop


IMG_8809Assortment of desserts


IMG_8813Green tea ice cream and buko sherbet


IMG_8815Us exactly one year ago


Still can’t believe it’s 2011…


Heat: Level 1, Edsa Shangri-La, 1 Garden Way, Ortigas Centre, Mandaluyong City, Philippines. Tel: +632-6338888 ext. 2738/2739

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