Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sedique Halal Mess ♥ ♥ ♥

They say a real food lover will brave ANYTHING for a taste of excellent food.

And so one fine Sunday, we brave it. The seediest place in the whole of Hong Kong. Armed with no particular restaurant in mind, no Lonely Planets, just our empty stomachs and huge appetites, we enter the very building the locals avoid like the plague.

The Chungking Mansions.



The exotic scent of spices, body odor and cheap perfume greets us. And in a few seconds we are cornered by a group of Indian men with menus and VIP cards, each promising the best Indian meal of our lives.



Sedique wins our vote because it’s got variety - Indian, Pakistani and Malaysian. And really, who can turn down an invitation to dine in a “members only” establishment at the Chungking?


IMG_0822The blue walls, green curtains and box type TV give Sedique a homey feel


IMG_0834Salad with yogurt dressing - light and refreshing


IMG_0838Papad – crisp and spicy




IMG_0855   Vegetable Mix – this blend of curried cauliflower, potato, lettuce, corn, carrots, lentils and peas makes being vegetarian not so bad


IMG_5592Channa Beans – smooth, nutty, buttery, delicious


IMG_1784Potato Spinach – just alright


IMG_0860Spinach – a different take on palak paneer. Looks a bit off but tastes ok.


IMG_0863I wash down all that food with this glass of sickeningly sweet Sweet Lassi.


And that is the end of our healthy, vegetarian meal at Sedique…

 IMG_0861Me and Carol



Okay, we also have some watery and forgettable curries…

IMG_5590 Fish Curry


IMG_0851Mutton Curry


After which we are rewarded with the very, very best tandoori dishes! 

IMG_5587Sheekh Kebab – minced lamb blended with aromatic spices then grilled on skewers in a Tandoor. Each kebab is sure to overwhelm your taste buds with the multitude of flavors it packs. The best I’ve ever had.


IMG_5584Chicken Tikka Tandoori – smothered with yogurt, chili and tandoori masala, then cooked in a clay oven in very high heat, these chicken pieces are crispy on the outside and so succulent inside, a burst of awemazing flavors with each bite. The best chicken tikka tandoori ever!!!


IMG_1772 Lamb Chop Tandoori - now take in all that awemazing flavors of the chicken tikka and imagine them on these tenderous and juicilicious lamb chops. Ayaiyaiiihhh! The best lamb chop tandoori ever!!! 


IMG_5589Naan – this thick and yeasty bread tastes of a fantastic smoky flavor, and the exposure to high, dry heat really crisps up the bottom. This naan is so unbelievably good I find myself tearing and eating away even after all the curries and tandooris are gone. This is, hands down, the best of Sedique.


Of course, we couldn’t have finished all that food without our Sunday morning eating buddies,

IMG_0840Paul and Ritchie


The most nondescript places are usually the best. And in none other than the Chunking Mansions, in a tiny 6th floor hole in the wall, we found what is truly a hidden gem.

And I see that Sedique is doing quite well, because on our last visit, the blue walls have been painted pink, heavy golden drapes have replaced the flimsy green curtains, and on the place where the box TV used to be, now hangs a sleek LCD.

IMG_5579Paul, Ritchie, Clint, Gordon


Hooray for Sedique!


Sedique Halal Mess: Flat A3, Block A, 6/F, Chungking Mansions, 36-44 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong. 尖沙咀彌敦道36-44號重慶大廈A座6樓A3室 Tel: +852-2367-4445 or +852-3422-3491

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sunning Restaurant 新寧餐廳 ♥ ♥ ♥


Maybe it is because my parents love the place so much that I, too, begin to love coming to this Hong Kong style western restaurant.

Sunning reminds my parents of the good old days when they lived in Hong Kong. Life was so much simpler then, they didn’t have 4 grown up children who think they know far better than their parents.

It was also in Sunning where mom and dad first met. Since then, they would dine so often at the restaurant, which at that time was still on Sunning Road, that until now, some 30 years later, the few remaining senior waiters still know them by name.




Here are their favorites, and now mine, too.

IMG_9767Escargot with Mashed Potatoes 法國田螺薯茸 – the snails are baked in butter, garlic and herbs. As you de-shell each of these babies, the tasty juices ooze out and seep into the bed of creamy mashed potato. Now tell me you do not want a taste of this.


IMG_6600Borscht 羅宋湯 -  a hearty soup of tomatoes, cabbage, carrots and potatoes. It used to be tastier with very distinct beef flavor, now it tastes a little bit watered down. Not as good as before, but still okay. 


IMG_9772Cream of Mushroom 白菌湯 – this soup is so 1970’s. You cannot get the same thing elsewhere nowadays. If you have a thing for heavy, cream based soup with slices of button mushrooms, then you must come to Sunning for this.


IMG_6604US Roast Beef 燒牛肉 – and it is HUGE! And delicious. Very tender and full of flavor, this is easily a favorite. Tastes way better than Lawry’s for a lot less wallet damage, too.


IMG_6603Rack of Lamb 燒羊架 – the lamb chops are grilled and then fried until the herb-flavored crust is golden crispy. Yum.


IMG_9774 Chicken Mancini 芝士磨菇雞柳焗麵 – I can imagine this being the #1 favorite of any growing kid. Chicken, mushroom, bacon and spaghetti baked in a thick blanket of cheese. The result is super tasty, rich, cheesy and creamy pasta dish that can make even the most weight-conscious people ditch the South Beach.


IMG_9775Fresh Water King Prawn 大蝦餐 – buttery and garlicky goodness


IMG_9779Pan Fried Sole Fillet 煎龍脷柳 – I used to think sole fillets are boring, until I tried Sunning’s. Fried to a crisp perfection, with beautiful flavors of lemon and butter, this is love at first bite. 


IMG_6606 I cannot say this for many Hong Kong restaurants, but here at Sunning, coffee is very good. And it tastes even better with the free desserts that always come our way, courtesy of the forever smiling, ever accommodating, 30-something years with Sunning, Mr. Dicken Liu.


It is the beautiful memories, the fond remembrances, familiar faces and consistently good food that make Sunning, generation after generation, our family favorite.


Sunning Restaurant 新寧餐廳: Basement Level, Leighton Centre, 77 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. 銅鑼灣禮頓道77號禮頓中心地庫. Tel: +852-28902029 and +852-25763301

UPDATE: Sunning Restaurant has moved to a new location.
NEW ADDRESS: Shop B, 16/F, Lee Theatre Plaza, 99 Percival Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Tel: 2890 2029, 2576 3301

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Soft Hearted by Marks & Spencer ♥

If I were a snack item, this is what I’d be…

IMG_3511Soft Hearted Marshmallows by Marks & Spencer


Because underneath all these hard, thick, ugly layers of fat on me, inside I am actually a real softie.





Marks & Spencer has outlets all over the world.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Happy Fatterside Father’s Day

I love my Dad.

We love our Dads.

The older we get, the more responsibilities we bear, the more problems we face, the more sacrifices we make, the more we truly appreciate the very men who have selflessly gone through all this and more. For us.

Our Dads.

The older we get, the older our Dads get, too, and the younger we should strive to make them feel.

And so for this year’s Father’s Day, our frustrated events organizer cousin Frannie of Frannie Tales got everyone together for an outdoor Children’s Party themed dinner to celebrate this special occasion in honor of the young-at-heart senior citizens in our lives.

We had…

IMG_5524  Jingles who amazed us with her balloon twisting skills



These are Jingles’ balloon interpretations of Snow White and me. Tee hee hee.


IMG_5535Leodini who really didn’t fool us with his painting-to-live-dove, live-dove-to-live-duck magic tricks


IMG_1034Clowns who facilitated the program and games (the other clown was hiding)


IMG_5529Dirty ice cream vendor who elicited that big smile on Anton’s face


And of course, the most awaited part of the night… CHOW TIME!!!

IMG_5496Cousins and aunties lining up to conquer the buffet spread


IMG_5497Ferdinand, our designated lechon man, getting really nervous about the attack


IMG_5475Sabroso Lechon. One is never enough!


IMG_5468Magic Kitchen’s Seafood Paella


IMG_5471Magic Kitchen’s Lasagna


IMG_5485Cindy’s Chicken Pot Pie with Puff Pastry Crust


IMG_5484Homemade Meatball Ragu with Fettuccine


IMG_5472Homemade Pork Barbeque


IMG_5533Homemade Chicken Breast Barbeque, because we are a healthy family. Ha!


IMG_5474Homemade Dinuguuan (pork innards in pork blood)


IMG_5480Indian Mangoes


IMG_5478Carrot Cake from Homemade Carrot Cake


IMG_5531Assorted Minibons from Cinnabon


IMG_5530Homemade Fruit Salad


For our centerpieces, Frances got these really cool personalized cakes with matching cupcakes, too!

IMG_5511My dad playing his favorite sport


IMG_5509Uncle Frank multitasking in the toilet (smoking, drinking coffee, reading the papers and pooping)


IMG_5513Uncle Rolly playing basketball with his pet Rottweiler


IMG_5506Uncle Dennis tending his farm (not the one on Facebook!)


IMG_5515And last but certainly not the least, my late Gwakong cooking his famous fried chicken


IMG_1037The Perez Family


IMG_1043The Soriano Family


IMG_1049The Chiang Family


IMG_1051The Masigan Family


And the superwoman who made all this merrymaking possible…

IMG_1045Frannie of Frannie Tales with Oreo, the love of her life

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