Thursday, December 9, 2010

jin loves to eat at home, November 26–December 5, 2010

I know this is late, but before you start complaining, please, I have valid excuse.

I’ve been doing a lot of organization work lately, reassessing and rearranging my priorities. And I am proud to say I have finally achieved some order in my life.

Well, at least alphabetically.

Here, check out my restaurant listings for the Philippines, Hong Kong, and other cities (Bangkok, Shanghai, Tokyo, etc, etc). In alphabetical order. Ooooohhhh… Makes life so much easier, doesn’t it?

And while you’re at it, please try your best NOT to notice my ever sprawling (and still growing) blog backlog.

Go ahead, punish me.


November 26, 12:13pm

IMG_2905Sautéed pork with peppers, French beans, portabella mushrooms, egg white with crabmeat

IMG_2907Grapes, pomelo, kiwi, dragon fruit, pear


November 26, 8:24pm

IMG_2908Milkfish belly, snow peas with portabella, chicken tocino, rice


November 27, 10:44am

IMG_2910Gindara teriyaki, chayote, broccoli, sea cucumber, rice

IMG_2915Dragon fruit, pear, apple, pomelo, orange


November 28, 12:20pm

IMG_2925Herbed codfish, boiled spinach, rice

IMG_2924Pear, pomelo, dragon fruit, banana, melon


November 29, 7:16pm

IMG_2936Chicken sautéed with onions, radish, ampalaya with egg, mushrooms, rice

IMG_2941Orange, apple, pear, pomelo, kiwi, dragon fruit


November 30, 12:15pm

IMG_2942Mackerel in garlic, salted egg, cauliflower, rice,

IMG_2945Dragon fruit, kiwi, persimmon, apple, pomelo, pear


November 30, 6:53pm

IMG_2947Shrimps with baby asparagus, sweet and sour fish fillet, sautéed button mushrooms, rice


December 1, 12:44pm

IMG_2954Braised pork knuckles, sauteed baby spinach, upo, rice

IMG_2955Dragon fruit, persimmon, pear, custard-pineapple, pomelo, kiwi


December 2, 12:46pm

IMG_3057Fish fillet in ginger sauce, lettuce and mushrooms, steamed okra and carrot

IMG_3060Apple, pear, pomelo, kiwi, dragon fruit


December 2, 6:45pm

IMG_3062Linguine with Spanish sardines, olives, tomatoes and mushrooms


December 3, 12:53pm

IMG_3069Creamy pesto milkfish belly, butter herbed codfish, sautéed squash, upo and carrots

IMG_3071Pear, pomelo, apple, persimmon, kiwi, dragon fruit


December 4, 12:20pm

IMG_3139Steamed besugo fillet, fried pork belly, winter melon, sautéed mixed mushrooms

IMG_3141Macopa, pear, apple, guava, dragon fruit


December 5, 12:23pm

IMG_3199Chicken adobo, soft-boiled egg, spinach sautéed in garlic, adobo rice

IMG_3202Dragon fruit, guava, pear, grapes

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