Tuesday, December 21, 2010

No Signboard Seafood ♥

But the No Signboard Seafood Restaurant does have a signboard, and the signboard actually says “No Signboard.”

Now repeat that sentence 20 times, loud and fast.



IMG_7490These four innocent-looking people… they are MURDERERS!


IMG_7469They ask the chef to deep fry these little baby squids. Crunchy and sweet.


IMG_7473And stir fry a few pieces of prawns together with this very greasy but tasty hor-fun


IMG_7476And steam this giant grouper in light soy sauce. The chef overdoes it though,
so the meat is dry and rubbery.


IMG_7478And look at what they’ve done to the fresh Sri Lankan crab. They chop it up and cook the pieces in a robust chili sauce. Ouch.


IMG_7487Oh, poor creatures of the sea!


IMG_7472And the nerve to celebrate the successful attack with ice cold beer.


Eeeeeeeeeeeevil, I tell you.


No Signboard Seafood: 414 Geylang Road, Singapore. Tel: +65 6842 3415

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