Saturday, November 27, 2010

jin loves to eat at home, October 19-24, 2010

After 8 consecutive days of nonstop pigging out in Taipei, I come home and find myself… pigging out again.

Ahhh… life is good.


October 19, 2:58pm

IMG_2036Braised pork knuckles, sautéed spinach, noodles

IMG_2041Grapes, pear, apple, dragon fruit, pomelo


October 20, 12:25pm

IMG_0003Fried salmon, buttered mushrooms, boiled spinach and radish, rice

IMG_0004Melon, dragon fruit, pomelo


October 20, 7:20pm

IMG_0006Sausage pandesal, tuna pandesal


October 21, 8:097pm

IMG_0007Garlic fish fillet, shrimps, chayote, rice


October 22, 12:41pm

IMG_0009Tortang talong, cucumber, shrimps, mushrooms and asparagus

IMG_0012Guava, banana, apple, pear, dragon fruit


October 23, 12:34pm

IMG_0014Milk fish, sautéed watercress, fish tofu, rice

IMG_0016Dragon fruit, pear, apple, pomelo


October 23, 9:26pm

IMG_0017Elbert’s Cheesesteak


October 24, 12:55pm

IMG_0020Shrimps, crabstick with pechay, mushrooms and beans, rice

IMG_0023Apple, persimmon, dragon fruit, pomelo

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