Friday, October 8, 2010

Felix ♥

She arrives as we are finishing our main courses.

And we thought picking a place in Greenbelt will allow my sister Jamie to arrive earlier for Benjie’s and her own joint birthday celebration.


But it’s okay. We’re family. We don’t wait.

We order and eat first.


IMG_9879Santorini – deep fried squid rings with desiccated coconut served with miso mayo.
The squid rings are soft and the miso mayo sweet. Not bad, but not great.


IMG_9882Gen San – the spicy tuna is not “devilishly spicy” as the menu claims, but I quite like it.
The crispy bits are a nice touch, they give the appetizer an exciting texture.


IMG_9884Chanos – grilled milkfish belly with prawn tomato salsa, served with white rice and taro leaves in coconut cream. Fish is dry and hard.


IMG_9887Dyesebel – baked John Dory stuffed with shrimp and taro in coconut cream, served with white rice and fried eggplant. Not able to try this, but it doesn’t look all that special.


IMG_9888Mactan – grilled prawns with dried scallops, chili, cucumber, radish, and XO sauce, served with brown rice vegetable risotto. The prawns are really small, but the rice is good.


IMG_9891Rosie – roasted chicken with grape butter sauce served with mushroom vegetable rice. Whattapresentation! The chicken looks massacred, tired and dry.


IMG_9892Sebastian – pan-fried Chilean sea bass with lump crab meat, served with mixed grains and vegetable risotto. The sea bass is just slightly overcooked, the crab meat is delicious.


IMG_9896Tango – duo of sea bass and Canadian scallops with foie gras. Because it’s Benjie’s birthday,
I dare not ask for some of his food. He says it’s just alright.


IMG_9898Ala Jay – truffle cream linguine with crispy Parma ham. Lacks truffle flavor.


IMG_9899 Benjie, Jamie, Me, Mom, Dad, Mr. Chiu, The Farmer, Eric



“To Jamie, from Benjie” cake:

IMG_9906 Diamond Hotel Baked Cheesecake – my favorite cheesecake



“To Benjie, from us” Classic Confections mini cakes:

IMG_9902 IMG_9903 
                            Banana Cream Pie                                                             Nono’s Oblivion

IMG_9904 IMG_9905 
                                   Cheesecake                                                      Double Chocolate Mousse



“To Benjie & Jamie, from Mr. Chiu” birthday candies:

Happy Birthday, you two!!! 


Felix: Ground Level, Greenbelt 5, Legaspi Street, Legaspi Village, Ayala Center, Makati, Philippines. Tel: +632-729-9062

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