Sunday, August 15, 2010

Shanghai Series: Zhi Wei Guan 知味观 at Expo 2010 ♥

With a history of more than 100 years, Zhi Wei Guan is naturally the restaurant appointed by the authorities to showcase the best of Zhejiang cuisine at the Expo 2010 Shanghai.

Remembering the very good dinner I had in Zhi Wei Guan Hangzhou, I say the honor is rightfully bestowed.


IMG_6192West Lake crispy lotus root – sweet and sticky, crisp, tender and chewy. I like it a lot.


IMG_6195 Pickled chicken claws with ginger – too little skin and meat on them bones


IMG_6197 Braised vegetarian goose with three shredded delicacies – quite good


IMG_6199 Smoked yellow croaker – sweet and tasty


IMG_6202“Dong po” pork – disappointing in Hangzhou, disappointing in Shanghai


IMG_6207 Sautéed shrimps in Longjing leaves – sweet and succulent


IMG_6212Baked beggar’s chicken – very, very, very dry


IMG_6214Fish ball soup – you know they’re made from real fish because there’s just too many bones!



The Zhi Wei Guan at the Expo Park does not measure up to the original branch in Hangzhou.

It does not even come close.

How very sad.


Zhi Wei Guan 知味观: Zone B, Expo 2010 Park, Shanghai. 世博园中央位置B区

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