Saturday, August 14, 2010

Shanghai Series: Lu Bo Lang 绿波廊 ♥ ♥

Where Queen Elizabeth II, Fidel Castro, former President Bill Clinton and more than 40 foreign heads of state dined, we also dine.


IMG_6274Mom, Dad and me (and Haibao at the far left)


I know.

Been here before and know that it’s a tourist trap.

But we are dying of hunger here at Yuyuan and Lu Bo Lang is the only restaurant we see.


IMG_6230 Braised sea cucumber with abalone sauce – total rip-off. You know how small? The size of my thumb. Not even funny.


IMG_6233Stewed meatballs with crab cream – the meatball is delicious and the soup is very tasty. I enjoy it till the last drop, trying hard to be oblivious to all that oil.


IMG_6238Sautéed black fungus with sugar bean and yam – sweet, fresh and crunchy


IMG_6239 Mixed salty vegetable with soy bean – love the beans


IMG_6240 Pickled chicken feet – not too bad


IMG_6244Quick fried shrimps and eel with black pepper in hot oil – this is literally swimming in oil.




IMG_6260 Mashed jujube pastry – hot and flaky


IMG_6264Local special cake with wuliangyi sauce – like glutinous rice balls but flavored and shaped like diamonds


Some of the dishes here at Lu Bo Lang are actually good, but there are just too many better and cheaper options out there.

Outside of Yuyuan, that is.


Lu Bo Lang 绿波廊: 115 Yuyuan Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China. 黄浦区豫园路115号(城隍庙九曲桥). Tel: +8621-6328-0602

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