Friday, August 27, 2010

La Cuisine Francaise ♥ ♥


They say it’s homey French. None of that stiffness and snobbishness you find in its more upscale counterparts.

And it is true. La Cuisine Francaise is friendly, cheerful and bright. I can almost hear the birds chirping as I prance to our table.

Instantly, I feel happy and snappy.


IMG_5175 I like that the owner, Jean d' Orival (even he looks cheerful in his multi-pastel shirt), takes the time to go around and say hello to his guests, making sure they are enjoying their dinner


IMG_5169Amuse Bouche


IMG_5180Escargots au Beurre de Provence – snails with garlic and herbed butter served with warm homemade baguette. The snails are quite good, but I think someone forgot to warm the baguette.


IMG_5183Soupe a L'Oignon – caramelized onion soup with white wine and gratineed. Love the generous serving of cheese, although the soup itself is just okay.


IMG_5189Salade de Mousse de Foie Gras de Canard – mesclun greens with duck foie gras mousse, red wine vinaigrette and red onion jam. Oh no, this is certainly not the taste we expected. But eaten altogether - greens, fruits, nuts and mousse - makes the taste more acceptable. 


IMG_5191Sole Meuniere – pan fried sole fillet served with herbed boiled potato. Very oily.


IMG_5197Souris d’Agneau Braisee au Couscous – braised lamb shank with dried fruits, red wine and couscous. Not bad at all.


IMG_5201 Tarte aux Pommes Normande – Normandy apple tart with almonds and crème Anglaise. Light, flaky and sweet, a nice end to a heavy meal.


La Cuisine Francaise: G/F, Paseo Parkview Condominiums, Sedeno corner San Agustin Streets, Salcedo Village, Makati, Philippines. Tel: +632-501-5202, +632-752-0335

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