Monday, July 12, 2010

Food Republic at VivoCity ♥

If it is just me, I will skip the shopping malls and flea markets and spend all my time and pocket money on long, leisurely, exquisite meals.

But it isn’t just me.

I am with the Shopaholic Sorianos (SS).

And to allow the SS more time for their noble intention of contributing to the Singapore economy, we sacrifice the eating part of our trip and lunch at the food court of, you guessed it - the biggest shopping mall in Singapore, VivoCity.


IMG_7085The Shopaholic Sisters (SS) and me ready to battle at the Food Republic


IMG_7088包今天 Bao Today – bun and dimsum specialist


IMG_7086Deer Meat and Black Sesame Pork Buns – do not taste as exciting as they sound


IMG_7090Cantonese roasts and barbecued meats


IMG_7092 So many varieties. There’s Pi Pa Mi, too, for lovers of cough syrup.


IMG_7093More canned drinks


IMG_7094Yeo’s. I love their Soy Bean Milk.


IMG_7087Freshly squeezed fruit juice stand


IMG_7097Kuih Pie Tee – little cups filled with jicama, carrots, shrimps and peanuts


IMG_7102Popiah – fresh spring roll


IMG_7100Chicken wings


IMG_7103Mutton satay with peanut sauce


IMG_7104Carrot cake – it’s actually radish


IMG_7106Barbecued duck leg with rice


IMG_7105Nasi lemak – deliciousness!


IMG_7109Me, SS2-Felisse, Chester, SS1-Frances


Shopping time!


Food Republic VivoCity: Level 3, VivoCity, 1 HarbourFront Walk, Singapore. Tel: +65-6276-0521

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