Thursday, July 29, 2010

Café Gray Deluxe ♥ ♥


It is not easy to get a table for lunch on such short notice at Café Gray Deluxe. Unless you are on first name basis with THE Chef Gray Kunz.

But if you are just a nobody like me, make sure you’re checked in at the The Upper House, and let the hotel staff take care of it for you.


IMG_0053Love the yogurt-olive oil dip


IMG_0055Spinach, ricotta and basil ravioli, cream of artichoke – quite good


IMG_0061 Curried butternut squash soup, crisped oysters, hazelnut whipped cream - yum


IMG_0065Coq au vin, pearl onions and bacon, pinot noir

Unless the menu has no lamb, seafood, beef, pasta and pork (in that order), I will never order chicken. But I’ve been hearing many good things about Café Gray’s coq au vin that I just have to skip all of the above meats and go for it.

And WOW.

This is a revelation. I can actually taste the amount of love and time put into the preparation of this dish. The ingredients are simmered for hours and hours in red wine, resulting in an intense, rich, sweet, smoky stew that is hearty and divine. Like beef bourguignon but chicken. This is a winner.


IMG_0066 Spatzli – crisp and a bit chewy. Drowning this in the coq au vin sauce is the only way to go.


IMG_0069Grilled lamb tenderloin “Irish Stew” – bland and boring. But I love the savory scone.


IMG_0068 Crushed potatoes – just alright


IMG_0074Chocolate brioche, butter pudding – just ok


IMG_0079 Fresh berry pavlova, raspberry coulis – not too okay, meringue too sweet


IMG_0072Chunks of chocolate – I love the dark chocolate. Accidentally dropped all of it in my coffee. Ooops.


Café Gray Deluxe: 49/F, Upper House, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong. Tel: +852-39681106

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