Wednesday, June 9, 2010

jin loves to eat at home, May 31 - June 6, 2010

This week has been a week of much sadness and happiness, of blessings and obstacles, gains and losses, beginnings and endings. It has been joyful and devastating, frustrating and relieving, encouraging and humbling. I feel strong and so weak, so certain and so unsure.

I am a mess.

But… sigh… life has to go on.


May 31, 12:45pm

IMG_5103 Mackerel, sautéed mushrooms, black fungus, shrimps, chayote

IMG_5107 Strawberries, white cherries, pomelo


June 1, 12:34pm

IMG_5122 Mackerel again, watercress, chayote, radish, salmon fried rice

IMG_5124 White cherries, strawberries


June 2, 9:54am

IMG_5127 Grilled chicken, spinach, corn fried rice, lemon-butter prawn linguine

IMG_5128 Pomelo, mango, apple, dragon fruit, strawberries


June 3, 12:13pm

IMG_5137 Grouper fillet, straw mushrooms, black fungus, cabbage, adobo fried rice

IMG_5139 Pomelo, cherries, dragon fruit, apple


June 3, 8:30pm

IMG_5143 Shrimps and cucumber, Chinese style “three-cup” chicken


June 4, 12:18pm

IMG_5145 Eggplant torta, beef with onions, black chicken, baby asparagus

IMG_5146 Banana, mango, jackfruit, red and white cherries


June 5, 9:45am

IMG_5155Melon, white and red cherries, dragon fruit, pomelo

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