Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hangzhou Series: Shangri-la Hotel, Hangzhou ♥

Hangzhou is such an enchanting city. Its natural scenery and the famous West Lake have been the inspiration for so many romantic sonnets and beautiful poetry.



Lovers, soon-to-be-married couples, and even married couples travel all the way here to bask in the view and to have their special moments captured  on camera. 



Don’t get too excited. I am only here for business.

I like the write up on Shangri-la’s website so I decide to make the hotel my home for the night.

IMG_2592Shangri-La Hangzhou, East Tower Lobby


DSC03346Check out the painting


IMG_2626It’s 3D! 


“The legendary Shangri-La Hotel, Hangzhou stands on the beautiful north shore of Hangzhou's famous West Lake, overlooking Solitary Hill Island and the graceful Xiling Bridge, in a setting that offers guests scenic grandeur, unsurpassed comfort and secluded tranquility.”

IMG_2571The unsurpassed comfort and secluded tranquility of my room  


IMG_2625And… errr… I guess this is the scenic grandeur???


Don’t get me wrong. Albeit looking a bit worn down and in need of a major revamp, the Shangri-La Hangzhou is still okay.

It is my fault I cannot afford a swankier room with a nicer view.

But my travel principle is simple. I do not mind sleeping on the streets or under the bridge or in a park somewhere, but I gotta have 3 full meals a day at the very least, and only exceptionally great meals at that.

The truth is, I am here for Shang Palace.


Shangri-La Hotel Hangzhou: 78 Beishan Road, Hangzhou 310007 China
Tel: +86-571-8797 7951

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