Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sushi Hiro ♥ ♥ ♥


This is why I cannot stay mad at Jason, even after the spill.

When I’m in desperate, life and death situations, he is there, just an SMS away. Kinda like Jesus, Jason saves. He gives me the answers.

Like when Uncle Richard suddenly calls and asks me to pick a place for dinner, I go into major panic mode. Yes, restaurant decisions are big deal to me. As in life and death big.

Jin: Help! Any recommendations TST area? Need one ASAP for dinner tonight.

58 seconds later…

Jason: Can try Cucina at Marco Polo Hong Kong or Sushi Hiro nearby.

Jin: Sushi Hiro is in Kowloon? Do u have the number?

Jason: Yeah, two locations… 23779877

Jin: You’re a savior! What to order?

Jason: I usually order their biggest dinner sets… like 7 courses ha ha!

Jin: Of course! Why did I even bother asking? Thanks, WW!

Jason: No problem! Please enjoy on my behalf!


And I enjoy on his behalf. And on behalf of all the authentic-Japanese-food-craving souls in this world. Because Sushi Hiro is good!




We order the two biggest omakase sets to share, one mostly sushi and the other with a beef course, then we sit back, relax, and watch the sushi chefs slave to please and satisfy our Japanese food fantasies.




Before I go on about the food, I just want to make one thing clear. When sharing food with Uncle R, who is a big eater, I am lucky if I get to eat half. Sharing ratio is always 70:30. And just because he is older generation. Life is unfair.


IMG_7004Aperitif and Appetizers – the beautiful flavors whet the appetite, not that our appetites really need the whetting


IMG_7006Assorted Sashimi – very fresh, generous cuts, too


IMG_7008 Dobin Mushi – light but flavorful, with big pieces of seafood inside


IMG_7009 Grilled Fish – cooked perfectly. Delicious!


IMG_7012 Beef – not tender, not flavorful. A disappointment.


IMG_7014 White Salmon – a wonderful surprise! The salmon is so tender and comes without the fishy and oily taste I am so afraid of. It is soaking in a sweet and sour liquid that is refreshing and addicting. My favorite dish of the night!


IMG_7017 Assorted Sushi – the rice is a bit loose so each sushi breaks apart a little before it reaches our hungry mouths. Still good nonetheless.


IMG_7018 Uni Sushi and Salmon Roe Sushi – I love the uni!


IMG_7020 Unagi Sushi – excellent!


IMG_7022 Miso Soup with White Salmon – again, very impressed with the flavor and tenderness of the salmon


IMG_7024 Japanese Melon – Uncle R’s dessert choice. I try one piece, it’s sweet. See the ratio? 4:1 this time. But it’s all good. Fruits are too healthy for me anyway.


IMG_7026Sesame Ice Cream – now this is what I call real dessert. A perfect ending to a wonderful Japanese meal.


Eating out with Uncle R is always a delight. And that 70:30 sharing ratio, I really don’t mind. Who says life is fair, anyway?

It is not, especially to the kind-hearted and naive people who share their food with me. Mwahahaha!!!

Thank you, Uncle R, for always letting me have the better end of the deal.


Sushi Hiro: 7/F, The Toy House, 100 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. +852-2377-9877

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