Thursday, June 8, 2017

Carte D'Or Gelato

When I was in London for three weeks last summer, my neighbour (aka the supermarket - more specifically the frozen goods section) was my best friend. I would buy Carte d'Or gelato on my way out and oftentimes on my way home, too - it was strategically located between the underground station and the apartment I was staying at. My favorite flavours were triple chocolate parfait and crema di mascarpone. 

So imagine my delight when I found out that UK's #1 gelato brand is finally coming to Manila, and just in time for the summer months, too!

To get to know Carte d'Or more, I attended a fun and interactive gelato-making class where I learned the step-by-step on gelato-making process and the ingredients that go into every scoop of the frozen treat.

My take-home lessons:

1. Carte d'Or uses only premium ingredients sourced from the places where they make them best, so we can enjoy natural flavours free from additives.

“We take pride in sourcing from only the best, no matter where it takes us - from Australian butter to pistachios harvested from South Australia and California, from Belgian chocolate to hazelnuts grown in Turkey,” boasts Earl Keh, Carte D’Or brand manager.

Real cream and butter from Australia

Pistachios from South Australia and California 

Chocolates from Belgium

2. Gelato-making is an easy and uncomplicated process. As long as you have the best ingredients, you are already halfway there!

Chef Miko Aspiras showing us how it's done. Basically, you just throw in all the 
premium ingredients and mix thoroughly.

3. It is simple, but you will need a very expensive gelato machine like this.

Cattabriga is said to be the Maserati of gelato machines

It churns gelato slowly but surely, and the result is a smooth, rich and creamy frozen dessert.

Fold pistachios into the churned gelato

Now it's time to enjoy the smooth, creamy, nutty fruit of my labour. 

4. To save yourself time and trouble (and all that Maserati money) making your own gelato, just buy a tub or four from a supermarket near you.

Carte d'Or launches four irresistible flavours in Manila:


Salted Caramel

Chocolate Hazelnut

And my favorite of the four - rich, dark and sultry Double Dark Chocolate 

We are the very first country in Asia to enjoy Carte d'Or gelato and I cannot wait to try all the local flavours that Chef Miko is cooking up for us. On my wish list: ube, buko pandan, pili nut, tsokolate, turon...

Carte d'Or Gelato is available in select supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide.

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