Friday, February 19, 2016

Around Cordoba and Locker Cordoba

Cordoba is a great day trip when in the south of Spain. This Andalusian city is charming, colorful, vibrant, and its walls are decked with flowers.

Calleja de las Flores. See post here.

It is also massive, raw, rich in culture, boasting the second largest old town in Europe and the largest urban area to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Mezquita. See post here.

Sharing with you the sights and sounds as I crossed a 
Roman bridge on my way to the Tower of Calahorra

So beautiful, right? I highly recommend spending a full day exploring this city like I did.

I took the early train to Cordoba out of Seville

Left my bags at Locker Cordoba in a building next to the train station

After you exit the station, it will be on your right. You have to walk down the ramp and
cross the street.

Zooming in for you

There you go

This kind gentleman helped me store my luggage into the locker

And also gave me a map and some tips on how best to go around the city. 
Cordoba is perfect for exploring on foot. I walked to all the attractions, to lunch, to wander
some more before going back to pick up my luggage and head to the train station.

Only a few euros for storage and you can tour the city hassle-free!

And I'm off to Granada. But first, some jamon iberico y bellota sandwich snack!

Locker Cordoba Facebook Page

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