Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Casa Morales ♥ ♥ ♥

Casa Morales on the quiet street of Garcia de Vinuesa has been around for 165 years 
and is dearly loved by the Sevillanos

The crowd at the tapas bar when I arrived at 10pm

Dusty bottles on the shelves and jamon hanging from the ceiling. I loved the place instantly.

Blackboard menu

I wasn't very hungry and merely wanted some tapas in my tummy before I go to bed (I was in Spain, after all!) so I asked my server to give me three of his favorite things from the menu.

Jamon de Bellota

Salchichas al Vino Blanco

Chipirones en su Tinta

Baby squid stuffings. Yum!

I was still bitin so I ordered a plate of Queso Viejo de Zamora

It was a very good meal. 

He also recommended a glass of Pago de los Capellanes to go with my dinner.
This was the most expensive item in my bill - a whopping 4 euros!!! Hahaha! 
When in Seville, take advantage of the reasonable prices. Eat, drink, and be very merry! 

Total damage

I can eat like this everyday 

Don't forget to check out the back of the restaurant where large sherry and wine vats line the walls. 

So much character!

Casa Morales: Calle Garcia de Vinuesa 11, Seville, Spain
Tel: 954 22 12 42

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