Thursday, November 19, 2015

Alcazar of Seville ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

The Alcazar is the Royal Palace in Seville, and what an absolutely amazing place it is!

I highly recommend you book your tickets in advance because if not, this can happen:

Look at the lines at The Lion's Gate!
Good thing I am Miss OC who books everything in advance. I showed my printed confirmation
to the staff and breezed right through. TIP: Book everything online (all admission tickets,
show tickets, train tickets, etc) weeks before the trip and it will save you A LOT of time.

I spent a very enjoyable morning getting lost inside the palace grounds, taking in the incredible Moorish architecture, the rich history, the nature, the artistry.

Every corner, everywhere you look is so photogenic!

House of Trade

The Courtyard of the Maidens

The palace walls are covered in the most beautiful colors and textures I have ever seen. It is in Seville's Alcazar that I first fell in love with tiles.

This staircase leading to the Upper Palace is the most important one in the palace grounds.
It was built in the 16th century under the reign of Philip II and the tiles are exact replicas of
the originals found in Madre de Dios Convent in Seville.

I paid a little extra to see the Cuarto Alto Real or Upper Royal Apartments where the royal family resides up to this day. I suggest you do, too, and book early because tickets for this tour sell out VERY FAST.

Bags were stored in the lockers and photography was not allowed inside, so sorry, no pictures. 

Next to the Royal Apartments was an exhibition of Triana tiles and tablewares. 
I spent so much time in here drooling at all the beautifully imperfect, broken, restored pieces of art.
Each and every piece was so unique and special!  

It was already noon when I breathed fresh air again and continued exploring the palace grounds. I lost my map at this point and was just wandering around, not knowing which courtyard or grand hall I was in. Hahaha.

I stumbled upon this beautiful hallway, probably my favorite area in the Alcazar.
The Hall of Carlos V with its vaulted ceilings is decorated with tapestries and the 
happiest-looking ceramic tiles.

Like sunshine on a cloudy day!  :P

I sat at this bench for quite some time, just people-watching and admiring the gardens below

I can't tell you enough how much I love Seville - its people, its culture, its food, its colorful tiles...

… and the smell of its oranges and orange trees

I would have stayed longer if my stomach had not been grouchily reminding me that it was already lunchtime. Next time I will spend more time exploring the magnificent gardens.


Alcazar of Seville: Patio de Banderas, s/n, Sevilla, Spain
Tel: +34 954 50 23 24
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