Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My Favorite Cocio Chocolate Milk Now in Manila ♥ ♥ ♥

I am no expert in a lot of things, but I know my chocolates. And I highly, confidently, whole-heartedly recommend Cocio to all fellow chocoholics.

I still remember my very first taste of my favorite ready-to-drink chocolate milk. It was 2011 in Copenhagen, I fell in love at first sip. I picked up a few bottles every chance I got, and drank at least two dozens on our two-week Scandinavia trip!

Enjoying my favorite dark chocolate milk in the streets of Oslo
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So guess who was the most ecstatic when Cocio announced that they are coming to Manila? It was one of the happiest news for me this month of September! :)

 Karina Bech, Sales Representative for Arla Philippines, and my kilig face

Cocio is developed in the home kitchen of Danish couple Anker and Ella Pallesen in 1951. It took them 3 years to perfect the formula, but the results are worth it. In the pursuit of the greatest chocolate drink, they discovered that they only needed three good-quality ingredients: milk, cocoa, and a little sugar.

Cocio Classic and my personal favorite, Cocio Dark  ♥
Rich in chocolate, velvety in texture, with just the right amount of sweetness to 
wash all the blues away 

The Danish chocolate milk brand prides itself for using only fresh cow’s milk from Arla Foods, the world’s biggest farmer-owned cooperative and one of the oldest in Europe. The cocoa is from West Africa and is UTZ Certified, meaning the more cocoa we consume, the more we help our farmers!

Let’s toast to sustainable farming and drink more Cocio!

It is also the only chocolate milk in the market that is free from stabilizers, which explains the sediments you see at the bottom.

Just shake before drinking, it’s part of the fun :)

But what I love the most is the fact that Cocio is not as sweet as other chocolate drinks in the market. Trust me, I’ve tried them all. (AND gained so much weight in the process. Eeep!)

With only fresh milk, premium cocoa, and minimal amount of natural sugar, Cocio is the best thing to happen to us discerning, chocolate-loving Filipinos. Truly, there is nothing but great taste in every bottle!

Welcome to the Philippines, Cocio! I am overjoyed that I can now enjoy as much rich, smooth, 
and chocolatey goodness as I want and still be as fit as these sexy Cocio models! Yay! :D

With another sexy Cocio lover, GeiserMaclang's PR Head Jules Veloso

Paolo Serrano, Maketing Head for Arla Philippines; Karina Bech, Sales Representative for 
Arla Philippines; Jin Perez, Number 1 Cocio Fan; GeiserMaclang's Amor Maclang and
Elio Machillanda

Cocio is now available in all major convenience stores and supermarkets nationwide. If it's out of stock, I apologize in advance. I am guilty of hoarding.

I drink it in the movies

I drink it in bed. 
And for your information, I don't bring just any chocolate milk to bed. 

Website: www.cocio.ph
Facebook: www.facebook.com/CocioPH
Instagram: @CocioPh

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