Thursday, June 4, 2015

You-Zen Chopsticks Shop in Kawagoe 遊膳

You-zen is a one-stop shop for all your chopsticks needs

The shop, like all the other establishments in Kawagoe, does not have an english signage.
The easiest way to find it is to look for the red japanese character "箸", which means chopsticks.
It's hard to miss.

Be prepared to see millions and millions of the handcrafted stick-form utensils here

I spent over an hour in here going through all the designs!

Aside from chopsticks, You-zen also carries other homewares

More eating and drinking vessels

Bags, pouches, napkins, knives, pretty japanese clothes and whatnots… Pasalubong haven!

Best part is, you can have the chopsticks personalized. 
They make excellent gifts to family and friends who love to eat!

You-zen is located in the old town of Kawagoe, just 30 minutes by train from Tokyo.
Know more about Kawagoe, how to get there, which shops to visit by clicking here.

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