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Weekend Indulgence at The Gourmand Market

I was out of the country when the first episode of The Gourmand Market happened back in March, so I made sure to be here no matter what for its second run. On May 22, its very first day, I conquered the lively and buzzing outdoor space at Bonifacio High Street Central. I was delirious with excitement. Usually, I am the one traveling from one place to another to hunt down good food, but this time, all the good food gathered together in one place for my viewing and eating pleasure. Ooh la la!

The Gourmand Market in Bonifacio High Street Central

Partners Trish Panlilio, Dara David-Roa, Julia Morales and Dong Ronquillo did a fantastic job curating The Gourmand Market. Stall after stall after stall offered incredible food, snacks, spreads, desserts and drinks. I bumped into all the food-obsessed people of Manila and everyone seemed to be in a happy trance.

With Alicia Sy and Nicole Ortega
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who was the most excited to eat of all?

Anna and Bobby Tenchavez of La Cabrera and Lagarde wines

Tinee de Guzman of Mr. Cochinillo and Carlo Lorenzana of La Cabrera

Bacolod treats from Casa Carmela

The best ginger ale from Stanford and Shaw. I suggest you hoard. 
They already ran out when I went. :(

Healthy carbs by Puro Organic

All natural 100% pure raw honey

Truffle products from Sabatino Tartufi

Homemade cookies by The Baker Bros

The longest line was at Il Ponticello for its porchetta

Look at that beauty! 

I ate with a vengeance. My very first stop at 5:30pm was Bundt and Brulee for a chocolate bundt cake topped with Bono’s pistachio gelato. It was necessary in the crazy heat and paired exceptionally well with my bottle of cold brew from Slurp Coffee. This 24-hour extracted “warning: strong coffee!” as indicated on the label, has become my current caffeine addiction.

Bundt and Brûlée x Slurp Coffee

My current caffeine addiction - Cold Brew by Slurp Coffee

Trish Locsin-Cheung personally prepared my baby bundt a la mode

Chocolate baby bundt topped with Bono's pistachio gelato.
Paired perfectly with my bottle of joe!

I ogled at Nawwty’s Kitchen’s mouth-watering display of crab fat paella, slow-baked pepper ribs, paella negra and pollo arrosto as I waited for my friends Ana and Tippi to join me for dinner.

With the sexy Trish Panlilio of Nawwty's Kitchen

Nawwty's Kitchen Menu

Slow Baked Pepper Ribs

Crab Fat Paella

Paella Negra

T's Pollo Arrosto

It was simply torture to look at trays and trays of food and not be able to eat them so I diverted my attention to the pretty china and home accessories at Oliver and Maude, then to the colorful hand-woven products at Beyond Borders. It calmed me for a bit.

Lovely set up by Oliver and Maude

Hand-woven fabrics by Beyond Borders

I almost jumped up and down with joy when my eating mates finally arrived. We each bought different things from the vendors and shared everything family-style on our wooden table romantically lit by our mobile phone’s flashlight app.

With Tippi, Triccie, Luca and Ana
Check out our candlelight aka the mobile phone resting on the brown paper bag. :P

We brought our own box of chocolate, too!

The balbacua from The Crazy Cook tasted even better than when Davao-based Carmina del Rosario made it for the Madrid Fusion regional lunch. That evening it was extremely tender and gooey, a dish even senior citizens without false teeth would effortlessly enjoy.

Carmina del Rosario of The Crazy Cook


I couldn’t say the same though for the uber crunchy-skinned bagnet from Manong’s. Its blistered skin glistened at me, tempting me to have one more last piece after one more last piece. Oil trickled down my fingers and chin while I devoured the glorious pork. Thank God for darkness, I was blind to the amount of fat I consumed. Evil, evil Manong’s bagnet!

Manong's Bagnet

The Kitayama wagyu burger was beefy and all, but next time I will request for the patty to be a bit more rare. Not that we did not have enough artery-clogging action going on, but we enjoyed our burgers with bone marrow before we ended the meal on a sweet note with creamy and velvety crème brulee from Bundt and Brûlée.

Kitayama Meatshop

Wagyu Burger with Bone Marrow

While everyone else was walking off the food we gad by browsing the market and buying more food, I sipped on a large bottle of chocolate carabao’s milk from Bundtwagon. I am a girl who loves her milk.

Cara and Cheskie of Bundtwagon by Cara

The bundt cakes were soft and moist and not too sweet

Chocolate carabao's milk for me!

That night I took home goodies from Bacolod-based Felicia’s Pastry shop including lemon thins, almondettes, pili crumble, and then finally, its famous ensaymada that I had been stalking forever on Instagram. I had the pillowy soft, buttery, cheesy pastry for breakfast next morning. It was as big and round as my face and I wiped it all out in no time. Yikes. But very good.

Carla Lacson and Vincent Macasa of Bacolod-based Felicia's

Finally got to try the famous and elusive Felicia's ensaymada

Let this picture say a thousand words

In my bag was a kilo of Chorizo de Cebu, addicting balls of joy that make me eat rice like a truck driver. And Nicole Ortega’s cheese pimiento which I spread on pandesal, toast, cracker, pancake, my finger… anything, whenever I feel blue because the sweet cheese spread does wonders to comfort my soul. Also bottles and bottles of Stellina’s lemonade in different flavors, these refreshing, citrusy drinks are really the best way to cool down this summer.

Justyn Reyes and Kevin Martin of Chorizo de Cebu

Addicting balls of pork joy! They have chicken, too.

The ever fresh and blooming Nicole Ortega and her homemade cheese pimiento

Nicole's cheese spread brings back happy childhood memories.
There was also rainbow bread to complete the experience!

Stellina's lemonade stand and the cutest, most hardworking vendors ever

Must keep your fridge well stocked up with Stellina's lemonade this summer

Always wonderful to see Cherina and Mannix :)

I was back at the market for dinner with mom last Sunday. We enjoyed a tasting of different sates by The Crazy Cook – Kitayama wagyu, chicken, and my favorite bacon belly, together with tender and tasty chicken tempranillo with forest mushrooms, shallots and guanciale from Xancho. It was my first time to try Marco Rodriguez’s cooking and for sure, it won’t be the last.

Marco Rodriguez of Xancho

Catalan Beef Stew

Chicken Tempranillo with Forest Mushrooms, Shallots and Guanciale

Tagliatelle in Sherry-Rose Sauce, Whole Garlic and Guanciale

Our dinner spread of Kitayama wagyu sate, chicken sate, bacon belly sate, 
and pomelo salad from The Crazy Cook

Also met these young and pretty followers of the blog. Thank you for coming up to say hi! :)

That midnight I snacked on a Skinny Monkey muffin from The Little Spatula, maker of delicious and healthy treats using only 100% natural ingredients. My muffin contained gluten-free rolled oats, oat flour, bananas, unsweetened all-natural peanut butter, Belgian dark choco chips and oat streusel. I felt absolutely no guilt when I sneaked in a few of their cocoanut bliss balls later that evening.

Barbara Tiu of The Little Spatula

Skinny Monkey Muffins

Mini London Lemon Loaf

Mini Paleo Banana Choco Chip Loaf

Cocoanut Bliss Balls

Eat good, feel good. Amen to that!

Even with my monstrous appetite, it was impossible to try every single item from every merchant at The Gourmand Market. But I promise I will come better prepared for the third one.

Congratulations, Trish, Dara, Dong and Julia!

And a special thank you to my very kind and helpful friends who are responsible for my
well-lighted photos. Look at them behind the scenes! Hahaha! :D

The Gourmand Market Facebook Page

The Gourmand Market on Instagram

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