Monday, June 15, 2015

The Morning of My Brother's Wedding

The most excited person on my brother's wedding day was not him.

It was Mom. The ceremony was not till 2pm, but by 6am she was already knocking on the door of his hotel suite.

The groom being groomed by The Union Station Barbershop

These handsome gentlemen helped JR get ready

 Almost didn't fit. Whew!!! The oatmeal diet was a success!!! :P 

The best man Danny fixing his bow tie

 Helping dad put on his jacket before...

 Dad helped him put on his

 Father and son moment ♥

Sorry, ladies! This one's spoken for.

 All of the handsome men in my family are - Ryan, Dad, JR, Danny and Toby. ;)

Kim got dolled up by our family's favorite Dior Co.
Dior was also our make up artist for my sister Jamie's wedding (see photos here). 
She always makes us look more beautiful than we really are, it's like magic! Hahaha!

 Kim with her sister and maid of honor Diane

Her equally beautiful mom, Auntie Tess

 Uncle Simeon and Jerwin holding back tears

Simply stunning!!!

 Bridal bouquet by Robert Blancaflor

Helping the bride put her veil on

Ooops. Hahaha! Obviously, we needed more practice.

He was ready 

 She was ready

And we were certainly most ready to welcome Kim into our family

Watch out for the wedding ceremony! :)

Photos by Metrophoto
Grooming by The Union Station Barbershop
Hair and make up by Dior Co
Bridal and entourage gowns by Mel Orlina
Flowers by Robert Blancaflor

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