Friday, June 12, 2015

Hotel Ryumeikan ♥ ♥ ♥

Hotel Ryumeikan was my home for the 8 nights I was in Tokyo. It is located across Tokyo Station where the Shinkansen can whisk you to other parts of Japan, a 3-minute walk to Daimaru where I bought fruits to bring home (there are soooo many other things to buy!), Nihombashi subway station is right around the corner, and the airport bus is literally just a few steps away. And just so you know, Tokyo Station also houses Ramen Street where you find 8 of the most popular ramen shops in Tokyo, and Kajitsuen where I had the best strawberry cake in Japan. Read about it here.

Look up and look for the tall building

Elevators to take you up

 Reception is located on the 15th floor. Hotel Ryumeikan's staff was so helpful during my stay
and even before I arrived Tokyo. I coursed all my restaurant reservations through the concierge
weeks before I flew in. I was probably their most demanding guest, but they were always very
accommodating and happy to serve. As a token of appreciation, I brought them a dozen
packs of our dried mangoes and they gave me even better service! Hahaha!

Lobby is tiny but has great views of the steel city. 

Complimentary water and a selection of tea for hotel guests

There is also a japanese restaurant on the same floor. It is called Hanagoyomi but I never
got the chance to try it. I was always out early in the morning and back very late at night.
Don't mind the mess on the table, they're all mine. :P

Elevator landing

Hallway to the rooms

Hotel Ryumeikan has bigger rooms and also special tatami rooms, 
but I was traveling solo with a full itinerary so I did not really need
 a lot of space, just a clean, comfy bed and strong water pressure.
My room is very compact yet it managed to fit in an open closet,
ironing board, ironing spray, and even an air purifier!

My room type is called "Forus Single A - Discovery" and it reminds me of a cruise ship cabin

 The bed can actually fit two people comfortably or one fat person like me

 Work desk with TV on top and fridge below

High tech toilet bowl

Shower area with shampoo, conditioner and bath gel in big bottles.
I really appreciate this because I use a lot of these products so it saves
 me from calling housekeeping to request for additional tiny bottles.
The water pressure was strong and the best part was the two outlets
that gave me a good back massage at the end of the day.

 I was standing with my back against the shower wall. That is how tiny the bathroom is!!!

BUT how small my room was in size, it made up for with all these special little touches...

Nespresso machine with 4 capsules per day, tea bags, a small pack of japanese rice crackers 
which changes daily, and unlimited supply of bottled water (just ask!)

Multiple power outlets including a universal outlet right by the bed, light control switch,
and a plug to play your iphone songs on the built-in speaker

And this one is the control panel for "Forus Sleeping Ambient Control."
The room will play soothing music while the bed sends off vibrations matching its rhythm. 
This is supposed to lull you into deep sleep. What hotel bed does that??? Amazing!

 Robe and an authentic kimono!

It was also my first time to see toe pads in a hotel room. Even Peninsula Tokyo, which has
everything including a nail dryer (!!!), does not have these. Lol. 
See my post on Peninsula Tokyo here

"We would be happy to take away the slippers with you and wear them on a plane or a shinkansen."
(Forgive the Japanenglish, but I am sure you get the point.)
"Toe pads are useful for helping expedite the control of your blood pressure, are effective for
protection of hallux valgus (this means bunion. I had to google that!) and swollen foot."
How very thoughtful!

 My room even came with an Aodakefumi! 
"It is said that applying pressure the feet with Aodakefumi is relieving swollen feet by controlling
an autonomic nerve and expediting the control of your blood pressure. We recommend wrapping
towels on Aodakefumi if you feel painful."
I actually used this a few nights and it did help my tired feet.

 A huge full length mirror!

 The toiletries set is one of the most complete I've seen in any hotel. It includes toothbrush, 
shower cap, body towel, cotton pads, cotton buds, razor, Schick shaving foam, hair band, 
razor, comb, hair brush, lotion, and wait for it...

A set of Shiseido facial care products complete with makeup cleansing gel, cleansing foam, 
moisturizing lotion and moisturizing emulsion. They give you a new set everyday, too!
I took all of them home! Hahaha!

Every morning I would see the housekeeping lady with her cart in
the hallway. I would always ask for a bottle of water and japanese
rice crackers to eat on my way out.

I was not able to take a photo, but there was also a room with shared laundry and vending machine on my floor. I imagine they have it on every other floor.

And if you can't find what you fancy from the vendo, Family Mart is just next door.
I can't remember how many cups of Haagen Dazs ice cream I bought from here, 
but I remember among them was a seasonal white peach raspberry flavor. Yum.

Hotel Ryumeikan: 1-3-22 Yaesu, Chuo, Tokyo, Japan
Tel: +81 3 3271 0971

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