Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Chocolat Bel Amer

For those who don't know, depachika is the food jungle at the basement of department stores in Japan. I can spend days and nights inside a depachika. In fact, I think I can easily spend my whole Tokyo trip jumping from one depachika to another. If you love to eat, this is Disneyland for you!

Warning: There are too many things to see and eat and buy in this wonderland, it is impossible to leave hungry or empty-handed… or broke. Happened to me. Can definitely happen to you. Lol.

Sharing with you one of my many discoveries just because it's too cute!

Chocolat Bel Amer
This was at Isetan Shinjuku, but they have outlets in almost all major department stores

I was looking for pasalubong so I went straight to the items that need not be chilled

How beautifully designed are these chocolate discs?

 Some were studded with dried fruits and nuts

I bought multiple pieces of the designs I liked. I did not choose by flavors anymore since I couldn't understand the japanese labels anyway. :P

And my favorite of all:

It's sooooooo Jin Loves to Eat!!!!! :) 

Chocolat Bel Amer Website

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