Saturday, February 21, 2015

Ueshima Coffee Shop 上島珈琲店 ♥


My stomach woke up feeling painfully full from the previous night's dinner of two bowls of Ichiran ramen, so I decided to keep it light for breakfast the next morning.




Ueshima "Precious Coffee Moments" is a popular local coffee chain that you see quite
frequently around Japan. I've had good coffee memories in its Taipei branches and 
thought I should check out one of the Tokyo outlets.




Unlike its Taipei shops which exude warmth and coziness, this particular branch was very
basic it actually felt cold and a little uninviting.




They had sandwiches, little cakes and pastries, but none of them caught my interest




Ueshima uses the Nel drip, which is an old fashioned way of brewing coffee using a cotton 
flannel sack instead of paper filter. It takes more time to drip coffee, thus giving you a richer
cup with more supple texture. 




Aaahhh Japan… the land of automation!




Me and my coffee. All I need in the morning.




Sadly, my double nel drip sugar-free milk coffee was as weak as a broken heart. 
I usually have my coffee black, but all double nel drip coffees here were served with milk.




I had to order another cup. This time I chose my favorite from Ueshima Taipei - 
Sesame Milk Coffee 




Again, it was too weak. I guess coffee is like love in many ways.

"There are all kinds of love in the world, but never the same love twice."
- F. Scott Fitzgerald 

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Ueshima Coffee Shop 上島珈琲店 Official Website


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