Saturday, December 20, 2014

Rogue x Pepper Reality Bites and Ultimate Eats


As a year-ender, Rogue and Pepper have teamed up to come out with a major 2014 best of the best list. And because they are Rogue and Pepper, they did it differently from everybody else. 



Rbfeatured 1500x520

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"Everyone makes a list to recap the year, with best restaurants and best eats. Instead, Pepper has paired up with Rogue Magazine to create a 2014 eats inventory like you've never seen before, a funny, ridiculous take on everyone's best of list that shows you where it's straight up good to eat. We've got everything from where you should impress your Chinese in-laws, to a full 6 pages in Rogue's December issue which tells you where to eat 2014's best meal, which trend must die, and more…" -


Chinese In Laws

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You see, I have no Chinese in-laws to impress (okay, I have no in-laws, PERIOD) but I do have 40+ Chinese uncles and aunties in my family who are very difficult to please. Heck, I am also not the easiest to deal with when it comes to Chinese food. I am not a huge fan of the cuisine (I am just huge, lol!) until this restaurant came along… 

If it impressed me, I know my future in-laws will be raving about it. Ha ha ha! :D

See my little contribution and Rogue x Pepper's full article here:

Make sure to download Reality Bites!


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