Thursday, July 31, 2014

La Cabrera ♥ ♥



Everyone has been raving about the steaks at this new Argentinian restaurant. 




So I was not surprised to see half of Manila in the main dining room when I arrived for dinner.
La Cabrera, after all, is #12 on San Pellegrino's Top 50 Best Restaurants in Latin America.
(And #2 in Argentina). And hooray, it is now in Manila!




Check out the chandelier with hanging kitchen tools




We were originally assigned a table in this cozy area. It was a little warm so we requested
to be transferred to the main dining room. I have to commend the staff for giving us the best,
most patient service. They moved and carried tables around for us until we finally
found our spot!




The reason for the heat is La Cabrera's open grill. This is where the steaks are slowly cooked
over charcoal, supposedly giving them an extra special flavor.   




Thank you, Kuya, for bearing the heat so we could enjoy our meat. I couldn't even sit
still across the room. 




Hell's kitchen. Literally.






The owner was very helpful in our ordering process. He asked if we wanted an authentic Argentinian experience (YES, THANK YOU!) and recommended the provoleta for appetizer, striploin and short ribs for our mains, and a bottle of malbec. He promised this was enough food for 4 people. 

Of course we had another idea about what is enough and ordered an additional salad and ribeye. Lol.




Dinner started with complimentary bread and spreads




Caesar Salad to add some kind of nutritional balance to the meal




Topped with herbs and served sizzling in a cast iron pan, this melted
provolone cheese was ridiculously good! Hands down my favorite of
the night. I couldn't recommend this highly enough.




 Bife de Chorizo - USDA Prime Striploin Steak 500g




Medium rare, very firm, flavorful




Ojo de Bife - USDA Prime Ribeye Steak 500g




Albeit a bit overcooked, the richer, more tender ribeye gave me more enjoyment.



Unfortunately, our order of short ribs never arrived.

I wouldn't say the steaks at La Cabrera were the best I've had, but they were good value for money, and most importantly, grilled with love… and, I am sure, so much sweat! 

One day I will come back to try the short ribs and desserts.



 All steaks come with unlimited sides




I say go only for the caramelized garlic and pumpkin puree. All others were okay to skip.




This bottle of Legarde Malbec 2012 paired handsomely with our meats




Lollipops for a sweet ending




Wonderful to finally catch up with these ladies after one million years. 
Thank you, Lex, for dinner and for sharing all your quotable quotes! :)


La Cabrera: Ground Floor, 6750 Ayala Avenue, Makati. 
Tel: +63905-290-0703

La Cabrera Facebook Page

Instagram: @lacabrera_mnl


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