Sunday, March 23, 2014

Merba Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut Cookies


On the very exact day of my One-Day-a-Month Diet, Kim said she bought me her favorite cookies from S&R.

AWW MAN!!!!!!



But dark chocolate and hazelnut is my FAVORITE EVER combination!




I planned to just take peek at what's inside. And maybe smell the cookies one by one. 




It's no false advertising I tell you. How chunky the cookies are in the packaging is how chunky
they are in actual! See the chocolate chunks and whole hazelnuts? I fell in love and started
kissing the cookies one by one. 




And got a little carried away in the process. Ops. :P

Merba cookies are not the rich and soft and chewy cookies that I love, but they don't scrimp on
ingredients and are not overly sweet. Plus they are so easy and convenient and readily available.
I am with Kim. Now my favorite cookies in S&R!


Merba Website


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