Friday, February 21, 2014

Rambla, Revisited ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥




I was happy (care of the: 1. olives, 2. ricotta gnudis, 3. foie gras mousse) and unhappy (1. butifarra flatbread, 2. cannelloni, 3. churros) with my first dinner at Rambla (see post here) and have been wanting to go back to try more dishes so I could break the 3:3 tie. 

I needed to know. 

And then Shirley flew in from HK.




Fine de Claire




I said I wanted to try more dishes but I couldn't resist ordering again my favorite
Foie Gras Mousse with Caramelized Apple and Coffee-Bailey Foam.
It was delicious as ever.  




The Salad of Shredded Cod, Tomato Jam and Tapanede was fresh, salty and sweet. 
We enjoyed it a lot. 




Spherical Olives again! And I quote Jin Lovestoeat, "It was olives, pureed, and then shaped back
into an olive using magic! When the thin membrane popped, there was an explosion of saltiness,
 sourness, oiliness, like a child cried a bucket of tears in my mouth."




Red to go with our steak




Yes, Shirley and I ordered the 800g Ribeye, one of the off-menu specials that night.
Hers was cooked medium (top), and the mine was medium rare (bottom).
Mine was also a much bigger slab.




This is how I like my steak done.
And I know you can see how tender it is! We didn't think we could, but we finished every
piece of it. The ribeye was juicy and extremely flavorful. It made our stomachs look pregnant 
but really, who cares???




  We were very happy pregnant ladies! :)
*rubs tummy*


See my previous Rambla post here.


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