Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Santis Delicatessen ♥ ♥


We're often at Santis for food shopping. This place has all the delicious food your body doesn't really need, but wants to eat. Or else it goes into a state of severe depression which leads to a slow, painful, tormentous death.



Like for instance, this chocolate Santa. SOLD!!!
(Btw, Mom, your shirt is baliktad!) 




It was our first time to actually have dinner at the deli




What could possibly be lovelier than eating food while enjoying the view of food?
I thought the setup was very romantic. Lol! :P




The complimentary bread plate was too generous! Not complaining, just saying!




Salad Lyonnaise - green salad with french dressing, bacon rasher and poached egg




Hungarian Salami Sandwich on Rye




Lamb Curry Madras Style




Ravioli al Sugo




Spaghetti Marinara


The food was just okay.

Next time, rather than ordering from the limited menu, I'll have them cook me a thick slab of steak with a side of portobello mushrooms.



More boxes of carbs our bodies don't really need but want to have just because
tis the season of Panetonne! 


Santis Delicatessen: Joya at Rockwell, 28 Plaza Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati. Tel: +632 403 0144

Santis Deli Website

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