Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cafe Deadend ♥ ♥


I love coffee.

And when coffee is named "Dirty," I love it even more. ;)

That was my mission for climbing up the hills of Sheung Wan. (In a taxi, of course.)



I know I shouldn't be surprised, but Cafe Deadend is literally a cafe at a dead end! Whoa! :P




It was full on a Thursday afternoon, we had to wait a while to be seated




The menu was printed on a folded strip of paper




Okay, so it turned out to be cold milk poured into hot espresso, giving the coffee a "dirty" effect.
Hmp. Not even half as exciting as what I imagined. 




Archie had Iced Cappuccino




Frances had Cafe Mocha




And Nikko had an iced lemon something drink which was too boring to post. :D




Of course we had to order something to eat even when dinner was
almost happening. The Crab Tartine was two thick slices of sourdough
topped with avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, and an ice cream scoopful of 
shredded crab meat, minced apples and onions. It was a total mess to eat,
but it was worth the trouble. 




The Terrine du Chocolat Noir was a slab of dark chocolate terrine topped with homemade 
blood orange sorbet, served with orange slices, pomelo, and caramel sauce. I thought the 
elements tasted nice individually, but do not blend very well together.




Just beside Cafe Deadend is its sister bakery Po's Atelier




They make everything in-house in small quantities so freshness is always a guarantee




We bought many items for our breakfast the next morning




Special flavor combinations like oolong and fig




Kouign Amann in kumquat and apricot.
There was also a very unique pastry with figs and chocolates. I was so excited to try that one.
Unfortunately, we got to try none. 




Because this handsome son of a gun left the bag at Sevva. GRRRRR. :P


Cafe Deadend: 72 Po Hing Fong, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. Tel: +852 6716 7005

Cafe Deadend Website

Cafe Deadend Facebook Page

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