Monday, October 14, 2013

Patrick Roger ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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My most important discovery in Paris is… drumroll, please…


His boutique is a beauty.

Everything is chocolate.

I am absolutely sure this is the place where all good people go after they die.


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The nice lady at the shop gave me a piece of "Mellowness" to try.
It was dark chocolate with a fusion of almond and pistachio. It wasn't mellow. It was exquisite.



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I bought a couple more dark chocolate pieces to snack on while I did my touristy bit.
I picked coffee, jasmine flower, almond-chestnut, praline, and orange peel. 



IMG 3830

And this semi-sphere chocolate they call "Colour"
I liked the traditional squares better. 



IMG 3832

It was packaged in a pretty little box



Patrick Roger chocolates are nothing like any other I've tried before. And you know I've tried A LOT.

On my last day in Paris, I passed by the Saint Germain boutique before going to the airport and blew all my leftover cash on the sweet precious things.



IMG 4758

Too much temptation!!!



IMG 4769

I bought boxes of my three Patrick Roger favorites



IMG 4784

 The richest, most decadent truffles made with cocoa beans from Vanuatu and Ecuador



IMG 4776

Corsica. Dark chocolate-covered orange peel.



IMG 3854

I never thought I would enjoy it, but I could not get enough of its bright and intense
chocolatey-citrusy flavors.



IMG 4786

And my #1 favorite: the most addicting dark chocolate cubes called "Instincts"



IMG 3841

Nougatine praline, foliate praline and hazelnut praline enrobed in the sexiest dark chocolate
in the world 



IMG 4787

The other boxes were for friends. This one was all for me!



IMG 4791

 And a bag of truffles to keep me sane during the long flight home.



IMG 3822

Patrick Roger. Chocolate God. Creator of Heaven. My Reason for Living.


Patirck Roger: 108 Boulevard Saint Germain, 75006, Paris, France. Tel: +33 01 43 29 38 42

Patrick Roger Website

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