Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Paris Metro


I was scared to death of taking the metro in Paris.

Before my trip, people would tell me horror stories about single female travelers being robbed or attacked.

I planned to walk to lunch, but I took longer than expected on the Love Bridges (see why here) and Notre-Dame Cathedral (read post here).

And the duck confit at Chez Dumonet was waiting for me.

I had no choice.

I braved the metro.


IMG 3952



It didn't have escalators or 7-11's like in Taipei and Hong Kong.

There wasn't a lot of people, too.

It was downright creepy.


IMG 3950



IMG 3953



IMG 3954

WAAAAHHH!!!!!! SO SPOOKY!!!!!!!!!!
At this point I wanted to turn around and run as fast as I could.
But The Duck Confit… Sh*t.



IMG 3955

I was so relieved to see the train was not deserted. WHEW.



So the Paris Metro was alright. I was just paranoid after hearing all the stories. 

Of course, it doesn't hurt to be alert.

And it also doesn't hurt to know that you have to turn that latch yourself because, apparently, the doors do not open on their own!

I was waiting and waiting for them to slide open. 


IMG 3957


Obviously, I missed my stop.

I got down at the next station and rode the train back. LOL.


IMG 3958




Paris Metro Website

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