Monday, October 7, 2013

Michel Cluizel ♥ ♥ ♥


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Michel Cluizel has been making chocolates since 1948. What sets him apart from other chocolatiers is the fact that he processes the cocoa beans himself.

Like the farm-to-table concept so popular nowadays, his beans-to-bonbons operations have been ongoing for more than 60 years already.

In Normandy, where his headquarters is, Cluizel also has a museum dedicated to all things chocolate. He calls it the Chocolatrium.



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The Saint Honore shop is elegant



IMG 3582

If I were only tall enough, I'd be sticking my face into that chocolate wall!
I'm not very elegant. 



IMG 3579

Chocolate bars, pralines, milk and dark chocolate with hazelnuts, bonbons, etc etc...



IMG 3586

Macarons and eclairs



IMG 3598

Excellent quality truffle
I bought a piece to try then I went back in for a box to bring home. 



IMG 3599

The lady said their salted caramel eclair was a bestseller



IMG 3602

One bite and I understood why. This photo says it all.



IMG 3594

And then I went back in and bought myself a second eclair, praline this time. Also a winner!



The staff was so amused that this chubby Chinese girl kept coming back and offered me a piece of macaron.

It was good so I bought three other flavors for my bedtime snack.


IMG 3607



Sadly, they did not hold up so well. (My fault.)

I also couldn't remember the flavors I picked.

So I'm just gonna post pictures and say nothing about them. Ha ha ha.



IMG 3815



IMG 3816



IMG 3821



Michel Cluizel: 201 Rue Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris, France. Tel: +33 1 42 44 11 66

Michel Cluizel Website

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