Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Luxembourg Gardens ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


IMG 4415

In 1611, Marie de Medicis, the widow of Henry IV, decided to build a palace in imitation of the
Pitti Palace in her native Florence



IMG 4442

From 8 hectares with 2,000 elm trees it has grown to about 20 hectares with trees the
envy of the lushest forest



IMG 4448

Green everywhere you look



IMG 4453

Patches of flowers



IMG 4413




IMG 4450

Flying objects



IMG 4447




IMG 4418

People from all over come to the Luxembourg Gardens to relax, read the news, read books,
to reflect, to sulk, to build castles in the air...



IMG 4414

And to bathe in the sun



IMG 4427

Boys come to hang



IMG 4424

Girls come to talk about boys



IMG 4426

Boy and girl come to spend quality time under the tree



IMG 4425

Ops!!! :)



IMG 4431




IMG 4432




IMG 4435




IMG 4485

Carousel come alive



IMG 4438

Playground for children



IMG 4440

Playground for the children at heart :) 



IMG 4476

As for me, I came here to daydream and eat



IMG 4456

Daydream about my vanilla tart and eat it, too!
(Read about this heavenly Pierre Herme creation here)



IMG 4493

The Luxembourg Palace



IMG 4492

Feels like a scene from a fairytale



IMG 4508

Octagonal basin 



IMG 4515

The sky



IMG 4503




IMG 4498




IMG 4507

Purples! :)



More fairytale scenes...


IMG 4506



IMG 4516



IMG 4554



IMG 4523



IMG 4526



IMG 4521

Wake up, Prince Charming!!!  :D



IMG 4531

The Medici Fountain



IMG 4527

The Pantheon peeking from behind



IMG 4546

I had such a lovely time strolling through the Luxembourg Gardens. The serenity of the place
made me see and experience the real beauty of life. 



IMG 4561

Embracing your inner child



IMG 4563

Stopping to smell the roses



IMG 4499

Believing in love again



IMG 4549

Having the courage to see it through



IMG 4552

Trusting that this time it will last forever.



IMG 4482

And ever… And ever. 


Luxembourg Gardens: 6th Arrondissement of Paris, 75006, France


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