Saturday, October 12, 2013

Agape Substance ♥ ♥


IMG 4270

Agape Substance



IMG 4273

This is the open kitchen. It is quite tiny.



IMG 4276

This is the dining room. Yes, that's all of it already.



IMG 4326

It was fun watching the chefs work up close from where I was seated.
I could just extend my arm and grab whatever I wanted. ;)



IMG 4361

Bag hooks are God's gifts in such narrow and cramped space



I cannot remember all the details of what I ate.


IMG 4380

So here's a photo of the menu for you to figure it out yourselves. Ha ha ha.
It contained just names of ingredients. Everything else was a surprise. 



What I remember is that lunch was a feast for the eyes and the palate.

Although for some dishes, it was a feast more for the eyes than for the palate. 

I am not complaining. I love to eat beauty.


IMG 4281

Beetroot Paper



IMG 4274

Jean-Claude Lapalu Beaujolais Villages Ce Blanc 2012



IMG 4283

Little snacks were served on this cling-wrapped bowl



IMG 4287




IMG 4288

 Pig's feet chicharon with caviar



IMG 4290

 Ginger shortbread and lemon cream



IMG 4294

Sponge cake of green peas and verbena



IMG 4296

Crunchy seasonal veggies with miso mayo



IMG 4298

Charcoal, zucchini and mint tempura



IMG 4300

Tempura innards



IMG 4302

Tomato and strawberry soup



IMG 4315

Breads with sea salt butter and seaweed butter



IMG 4306

Tomato with basil sorbet



IMG 4308

Tomato with basil sorbet up close



IMG 4309

White tuna with a kind of flower that tasted like bitter almond



IMG 4314

King crab with hazelnut, yuba soy milk and dill oil. Yum!



IMG 4318

Almond gazpacho and raspberries



IMG 4323

Smoked eel, black sesame cream, granny smith apples



IMG 4339

For the next course, the server presented us with potato skin consommé in a test tube



IMG 4340

She passed it around for us to smell. So fragrant it was hypnotizing!



IMG 4332

 She then poured the potato skin consommé into the foie gras dish. The combination of smokey, 
potatoey, meaty and buttery was an absolute winner. 



IMG 4337

 Carrot, galangal and yuzu



IMG 4345

Seeing that I kept taking pictures of my food, the Japanese lady seated
across from me asked me if I wanted a photo of myself. YES! :P   



IMG 4350

 She also poured me a glass of red :)



IMG 4341

 Cuttlefish, charred wild onion, squid ink



IMG 4348

Cepe mushroom, hazelnut foam, sweet onions. Amazing flavors!



IMG 4357

Baby pig, onion, parsnip, honey mustard mayo



IMG 4364

Hooray for the birthday celebrant in the room!



IMG 4369

Comte cheese, aged 4 years



IMG 4373

 Wheat ice cream, black currant, quail egg



IMG 4383

Strawberries, parsley ice cream, hibiscus flower mousse



IMG 4387

 Peach and shiso sorbet



IMG 4390

Espresso and caramels



IMG 4389

With Chef David Toutain. I heard he left the restaurant a few months after this meal. 


Agape Substance: 66 Rue Mazarine, 75006 Paris, France. Tel: +33 1 43 29 33 83

Agape Substance Website

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