Saturday, August 24, 2013

Tosca at The Ritz Carlton ♥ ♥



My favorite color greeted me as I took the escalator down to Tosca




The Italian restaurant is located at the 102nd floor of The Ritz Carlton Hong Kong,
the tallest hotel in the world 




The mesmerizing fountain at the center of the dining room 




 The open kitchen




The ooh la la view. I loved the place instantly!




And my love multiplied as soon as I sat down. More of my favorite color in different shades. Yay! :)




This little flower here made me feel all warm and fuzzy
(Okay, just fuzzy.) 




I was delighted when our waiter served the butter. The thing was dusted with tomato powder!




He then poured olive oil gently around it and dotted the golden liquid with 12-year old
balsamic vinegar ever so carefully. He made me feel so special. Har har har! :P




I was tempted to take everything from the bread tray, but God was watching over me.




So instead, I picked two of the most sinful-looking ones and let the others go in peace.
And I chose very well. The squid ink baguette and salt and butter bread were so good they're evil!




Amuse bouche of smoked salmon, salmon roe and yogurt cream.
So far, very good!



My "Classico" Tasting Menu was a bit underwhelming. I wish I read through the menu and ordered a la carte instead. 



Golden San Marzano Tomato - our server told me the tomato skin was made using white chocolate.
There was also a small green salad under the burrata cheese. 




Parmigiana wrapped with spaghetti, anchovies filled with buffalo mozzarella and chickpeas.
I give it an "A" for presentation. However, it looked prettier than it tasted. 




Chitarra spaghetti, basil chlorophyll, baby squid, swordfish paper and black olive oil.
Didn't do nothing for me. 




The Classico tasting menu had pork ribs as the entree, but I asked if they could change mine
to baby lamb. (Because pigs don't eat pork. Lol!) The kitchen happily agreed to my request.
So there, my roasted rack of baby lamb, rose and rosolio crust, potato and cherry tomato.
The meat was very tender but was lacking in flavor.  




I was more amused with the potato chip. It was made using two super thin slices of potato
with a flower petal sandwiched in between. Too pretty to eat!
(But I ate it anyway.)


I wish I ordered the "Tradizione" Menu. 

My friend did.

So I did the next best thing.

I ate half of everything.



Risotto with saffron and burrata cheese, potato layer, langoustine and mussels.
So rich and creamy. I almost ate more than my share.




Charcoal crusted wagyu beef tenderloin, foie gras and hazelnut foam,
potato flan, garden vegetables, baked bread and tomato




Hazelnut + foie gras + beef = BOOM BOOM BOOM!
It's sad I can't let you taste this via the internet. You just missed half of your life. I'm sorry! :P




La Spinetta Vigneto Garretti 2006




I forgot to get the names of the desserts, but they were not so memorable anyway.




I'm naming this one The Chocolate Coffin. Inside were jellies, marshmallows, chocolate
crumbles, mousse, ice cream, etc. etc...




Watermelon rolls, pineapple carpaccio, and two Pocky choco almond sticks :P 
(Happy Birthday to me!!!) 




Thank God for petit fours!




 I will forever remember Tosca for its squid ink baguette and spectacular view


Tosca: 102/F, The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, International Commerce Centre, 1 Austin Road, West Kowloon, Hong Kong. Tel: +852 2263 2080

The Ritz Carlton Hong Kong Website 

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