Saturday, August 3, 2013

Currently Away...


Last night our flight to Hong Kong was super delayed.


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Which meant we had more time to carbo-load at the lounge



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We arrived home at midnight and were greeted by these babies.
Din Tai Fung makes the best xiao long bao in the world! Read about it here.



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More carbo-loading happened c/o DTF's shrimp fried rice



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Before retiring, the Yap Brothers had a very serious discussion about our biggest dilemma:
Where do we eat lunch tomorrow?



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This morning I had The Good (fried egg and spam) and The Bad (oatmeal). 
After all, life is about creating the right balance, starting with your breakfast plate.



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 And in front of Times Square, I found THE ONE. 
I love big and chunky men who make me look… umm… tiny.



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 The men and their chosen weapon… MAGIC UMBRELLA!



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Which was perfect because it rained cats and dogs all day



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Lunch was at Shanghai Min, Ahia Emil's favorite restaurant in Hong Kong. (See my previous
post on it here. We had this simple but delicious salad of lettuce, chicken and glass noodles
drizzled with sesame dressing



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Little gifts of braised pork belly paired with steamed buns
(Okay, this was the only dish I didn't enjoy that much)



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Crab roe cream and egg which we stuffed into sesame puffs 



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We did the same to minced meat with pine nuts



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Fried noodles in scallion oil



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Fried noodles in crab faaaaaaatttt. I DIE.



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But the highlight of the meal was the abalone. Now THIS is my kind of steak!



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Fruits. Accckkk!!! I CAN'T SEEM TO ESCAPE THEM!!!!!!



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The sneaky Ahia JJ caught in the act!



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After the feast, we went to have my favorite Hong Kong street food



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I love eggs, but I love egg pancakes even more!



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In New York there are food trucks, in Hong Kong there are drink vans.
And look! Slimming tea! 



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I prayed to God for this thing to work



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Spent the afternoon at the Flower Market. Orchids are truly beautiful creatures.



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Parang may pimples lang :P



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Also available in avocado flavor. Yummmm.



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Coffee shop inside a flower shop! So it is true you find love in the most unexpected places. ♥
That's my Cafe Mocha waiting for me at the bar. 



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Now this is my kind of flower. The edible kind! :)



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All the purple made me a happy girl :)))



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But what made me even happier was this mochi filled with strawberries, mangoes,
sponge cake and cream. Oh dear, this was oh so heavenly!




Watched Ip Man while the boys were busy preparing dinner



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My tired legs hung out with their new best friend



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We had these stunningly marbled kobe steaks



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Oh God, how they just melted in my mouth!



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Hokkaido scallops



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Plump and juicy



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I also thoroughly enjoyed these delicious Hong Kong style chicken wings… to the bones!



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Bamboo shoots




Gai-lan veggies



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Japanese melons and peaches for a sweet and healthy ending



I think I gained 5 pounds on my first day in Hong Kong.

Maybe 15. Can't be sure. I am so afraid to step on the weighing scale. 

Anyway, I won't be posting on the blog the next few days, so if you haven't, follow me here:


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