Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Lucky One Who Will Eat Steak


So Rafflecopter finally chose a winner for my P5,000 Goose Station Dinner for 2 Giveaway (see post here) and the lucky girl is……..

(Drum roll, please!)



To verify if April has indeed shared my giveaway post and tagged 3 of her friends properly, I had to do some CSI work on her Facebook profile and look what I saw!

Photos of bento boxes she prepared for her kids. Aren't they just awesome?


I'm gonna show these to The Mothership!


968772 10151773917224734 1477709978 n

Nutella sandwiches and rice crackers



564572 10151135613804734 80224667 n

"Two Little Pigs" spam pandesal



487231 10151137900804734 543366071 n

Spam and egg rabbit onigiri, tamago sushi, sliced tamago



314724 10151129379694734 1845033910 n

Vienna sausage and animal rice


CONGRATULATIONS, APRIL!!! You are one cool mama! :)

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