Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pio's Bagnet Paella ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


On our Filipino Night at Benjamie's (see post here), Kim brought a tray of Bagnet Paella.

The cousins were so excited about it, the hullabaloo was actually quite contagious.

Apparently, they tried it when I was away on a trip and requested Kim to order it again for tonight.




Paella Bagnet with Eggplant Chimichurri
This party tray is good for 8 normal people or 4 very hungry people or 2 people with my appetite. 




The bagnet skin was crunchy, the meat tender, and the rice very flavorful




The shrimps were also cooked perfectly, succulent and juicy unlike the dry and rubbery ones 
you find on most paellas




The eggplant chimichurri went well with everything, with the rice, the bagnet,
and the shrimps. It was also very good on its own.



I think I've never eaten so much rice in 20 years. 

Jinlovestoeat highly recommends!




Next time I want to try the Paella Negra with Prawns and Arugula.


Pio's Paella: +639175322892, +632 5094529 

Pio's Paella Website 

Pio's Paella Facebook Page

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