Sunday, July 7, 2013

Angel's Share


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"Would you make a pact with Heaven for the finest drink on earth?

In the mists of time before science got involved, it was assumed that angels were responsible for the annual 2% loss of whisky from the barrel as it matured, which could lead to a lot of tipsy angels flying into each other.

Those clever people in white coats now tell us this is due to evaporation. However, at Angel's Share, we prefer to think that a deal was done, and who would begrudge the angels their share for letting us enjoy more than 100 different whiskys we offer."

- Angel's Share Website


Soooooooooo that explains the name "Angel's Share!"

I don't like whisky, but I like very much the idea of angels… and cupids! Lol! :)



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Angel's Share is a whisky bar in Central and is our third stop of the night after
Armani Prive (see post here) and Sevva (see post here



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The centerpiece of the room is a full size oak barrel of single cask Macallan Glenlivet 1990.
I don't know what that means, but it got the boys really excited. I could see it in their eyes.
That same look of pure desire, lust and aphrodisia I had when I first stepped foot in
Hersheypark Pennsylvania in 1997. 



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Then this guy did the coolest thing. He took out a long glass apparatus and
extracted the whisky right from the barrel!



IMG 0127

The featured barrel will be rotated through the year to showcase
whiskies from different regions of Scotland



IMG 0134

And into our glasses



IMG 0139

We went into the handsome room to find ourselves a little corner



IMG 0143

I was surprised to discover that this 22-year old Macallan stuff was quite smooth
and went easy on my piña colada-loving throat. I also tried adding a few drops of
water as the boys explained it would enhance the whisky's flavor and aroma.
I did not notice any difference. Lol.



IMG 0136




It was good to learn something new about beverages other than my usual coffee, hot chocolate and matcha latte. At least now I can say I've not only been to dessert bars, but also a whisky bar! (Ha!!!)

The best part of the night for me, however, was when we left Angel's Share and walked to Ebeneezer's.



IMG 0149

Oh, Doner Kebab! You complete me! 
(Read more about Ebeneezer's here


Angel's Share: 2/F, Amber Lodge, 23 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong. Tel: +852 2805 8388

Angel's Share Website

Angel's Share Facebook Page

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