Thursday, June 6, 2013

Zhong Jiang Scallion Pancake 忠將蔥抓餅 ♥ ♥ ♥


One of my many Taiwan faves is the scallion pancake. Not the flat kind called "蔥油餅 cong you bing ," but the fluffed up kind called "cong zhua bing 蔥抓餅."

Aside from chocolates, I like fluffy things.


You'll see scallion pancake vendors everywhere… at the markets, in the streets… 



This one was at the Underground Shopping Mall at the Taipei Main Station




It's quite similar to the Indian paratha, but the Taiwanese version is so much better.
It's many many many super thin layers of crisp, chewy, flaky pancakes stuck together.




Sometimes I like it plain with hot sauce. Sometimes I like it stuffed with delicious things.




Fresh basil and egg




Pork floss and egg


You can stuff yours with ham, sweet corn, kimchi, bacon, pickled veggies, tuna, pork, beef, or combine any or all of the above!

I guarantee you a yummy fluffy day! :)


忠將蔥抓餅: 台北市中正區忠孝西路1段50-1號地下街17-5A

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