Friday, June 28, 2013

The McSpicy ♥ ♥


So I've been seeing and hearing about it EVERYWHERE. 

The McSpicy.

I always have a soft spot for McDonald's. (Read about it here.)

Filet-o-fish is my first love, long before chutoro, Chilean sea bass, shad fish, boneless bangus, and daing.

I try all of McDo's new products, treat myself regularly to my old favorites, and wait patiently for Twister Fries to make a comeback. 




But today, I am here for McSpicy




P120 gets you a complete meal! (Wow, didn't think this was still possible!) 




Not a fan of carbonated drinks so I upgraded the soda to my favorite childhood drink - Nestea!
Lol! :D




 And there it is. The McSpicy.
It's huge and crunchy and, don't worry, it's not THAT spicy so you can stop worrying about
the sweat glands situation




100% chicken meat with just a little heat



On another note, I thought the McSpicy TV ad was really hot. Watch it here.



Obviously, these men thought so, too! ;P




I wanna be as sexy as this when I eat



Believe me I tried! Ask the McDo staff and customers who were snickering at me!



But this was the sexiest I could manage. Sorry!!! 


At least I'm a mowdel who eats her burger. 


McDonald's Philippines Facebook Page


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