Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hankyu Department Store Food Court Eats


Taiwan food courts are amazing.

I especially like this one inside Hankyu Department Store.



It's got Tsujiri (matcha galore!), Mister Donut (it's more fun in Taipei! See post here),
Laetitia (the bestest matcha cream puff ever), and Mitaseimenjo (my favorite tsukemen
in the city. See post here.)




Aside from the sit-down restaurants surrounding the whole basement level, there are several
stalls selling a variety of cuisines from all over Asia



It was fun eating different things together.



Frances had Taiwanese pork chop rice




Florence had Hainanese chicken rice




Felisse had Vietnamese noodle soup




Cherry had Singaporean steamed and roasted chicken rice




And I had this. A whole loaf of matcha cake. Mwahahaha!


Hankyu Department Store: 8 Zhongxiao East Road, Section 1, Xinyi District, Taipei. Tel: +886 2 2729 9699

Hankyu Department Store Website

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