Wednesday, May 1, 2013

3 Inch Sin ♥ ♥ ♥


When the 3 Fayes returned from their Maldives-Singapore trip, they came by the house to surprise me with this box of goodies fresh off the plane.



My 1:00am snack in that box!




As always, Frannie attached a personalized note. Her handwriting transported me back
to grade school days. :P 




Inside the box were six pieces of 3-inch sins: powder sugar-dusted lava cakes filled with
different flavors of ooze








Peanut Butter. Check out the crunchy peanut bits!




And my favorite, the Original, because it had the greatest amount of that rich, decadent
chocooze (choco + ooze, lol!)




I nuked it for a few seconds and topped it with vanilla ice cream for that erotic
and sensual cold on hot experience. After all, when I indulge, I indulge like
tonight is the last night of the world. 



I hungrily and wantonly played with, teased, licked and swallowed 9 whole inches of sin with all its thick, warm, gooey juices at this ungodly hour. 

What can I say, I am a sinful, lustful, immoral, shameless, unholy, evil woman.

And guess what I'm having for breakfast the next morning.



Another 9 inches of sin: Hazelnut, lemon, and bitter orange 


I love to be pleasured in the middle of the night and at the very crack of dawn.

Watch and weep, girls, watch and weep.


3 Inch Sin: 9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-103 Millennia Walk, Singapore. Tel: +65 6333 4562

3 Inch Sin Website 

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