Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Koh Samui Thai Cuisine Ӫ


IMG 2859

And what surprise to see a Thai restaurant in this part of town!



IMG 2825

Complete with ladies in costume and gold accessories, too



IMG 2827

The place was huge. At first glance the decor seemed impressive.



IMG 2850

 But upon closer inspection you'd find a lot of things were tacky



IMG 2832

Complimentary appetizers of spicy black fungus (loved this) and shrimp crackers



IMG 2837

Cute teapot!



IMG 2833

Thai Iced Tea - not bad at all



And then everything started to go downhill from here.

I think Koh Samui is a very confused restaurant. It cannot decide if it wants to be Thai or Chinese. 



IMG 2842

Pork Satay - tender but flavorless



IMG 2841

Red Curry Chicken - wouldn't call it curry at all. It was a very diluted tomato sauce.



IMG 2844

String Beans in Shrimp Paste



IMG 2846

Pad Thai - Chinese noodles





IMG 2856

 The only consolation was this nice takeaway bag for all our leftovers



Koh Samui Thai Cuisine: Macapagal Hobbies of Asia, Pasay City. Tel: +632 808 9999, +632 556 6666

Koh Samui Facebook Page

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