Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ramen X Ӫ


IMG 1072



I wish they didn't say "authentic japanese ramen" so I wouldn't have set my expectations so high.


IMG 1080

Oishi Ramen - special blend soy and miso based roast pork noodle



IMG 1082

Karaage Ramen - soy based chicken noodle



IMG 1083

Miso Ramen - miso based roast pork noodle with corn



IMG 1090

Shio Ramen - salt based roast pork noodle



IMG 1085

Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl



As you can see, nothing is really authentic Japanese.


IMG 1073

But it's hard to complain with these unbelievably low, low prices
so I will just masking-tape my mouth shut!



IMG 1078

I love this t-shirt.



Ramen X: Trinoma, Edsa corner North Avenue, Quezon City. Tel: +632 628 1603

Ramen X Facebook Page

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