Friday, February 22, 2013

Ramen Santouka ♥ ♥ ♥


IMG 3765



So I arrived Santouka REALLY early. Like 9:45am early. Even Glorietta was still closed. The only people in the restaurant were the waitstaff and the Japanese consultants who were having a very serious discussion about the menu.

I am thankful they allowed me to wait inside. 


IMG 3763

So I napped first on this wooden slab in the private room. Hehe, just kidding! :P
Santouka has two of these rooms to cater to your party and/or privacy needs.



IMG 3771

I witnessed the owners gather outside for a short mass followed by the ribbon cutting 
(I was in, they were out. How cool is that?) 



IMG 3795

Shortly after, the place filled up, and it was finally...




Only for these few days, Santouka will be on a limited menu serving four kinds of ramen and
two kinds of pork. Next week there will be rice bowls, ramen sets, curries, salads, side dishes,
chasiu paos and desserts



IMG 3772

 Tokusen Toroniku Ramen - a plate of roasted pork cheeks and a bowl of ramen of your choice
(this one's miso) 



IMG 3787

Now let me tell you about the roasted pork cheeks. Just so you know, a whole pig has only
less than 300 grams of cheek, which means these slices of jowl are the most precious things 
ever since… umm… dark chocolates were invented? Coming from me, that says A LOT.  
(Hello, my name is Jin and I am a chocoholic!) 



IMG 3793

Can you see how soft it is? Like very savory newborn baby meat.



And just when I thought nothing could be better than the Tokusen Toroniku, I got a taste of this:


IMG 3786

The Kurobuta Tokusen Toroniku



IMG 3800

You know what they say. Kurobuta is the kobe beef of pork. No other explanation necessary.
I will give up the love of my life for this.



IMG 3779

Miso Ramen - nutty and creamy in its own little way



IMG 3783

Shio Ramen - thick slices of chasiu, nori, fish cake, menma, green onions and Santouka's
signature topping - a pickled plum - swimming in a nice, mellow broth that is light yet full of flavor



IMG 3781

Shoyu Ramen - soy sauce based tonkotsu broth



IMG 3782

Kara-Miso Ramen - this spicy miso is my favorite because I love a little heat and excitement in my
life… Oops! I mean in my ramen! Hee hee. Like all of Santouka's ramen broths, the kara-miso's
flavors are graceful, composed, and well-balanced 



IMG 3805

I was told this kitchen is the biggest of all Santouka kitchens in the world



IMG 3768

Congratulations, Jerry and family! :)



Ramen Santouka: Ground Floor, Glorietta 4, Ayala Center, Makati (beside Outback, across SM Foodcourt)

Ramen Santouka Website

Ramen Santouka Facebook Page  

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