Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Rico's Lechon ♥


Fresh off our delayed noontime flight with only a Cinnabon roll in our stomachs, we were dying to get to our very first destination in Cebu - Rico's Lechon.

And guess what? Our very smart driver Ricky brought us to Rico's roasting factory on Highway 77.



IMG 1240

Ano ba, Ricky?!?!?!? Lelechonin ka namin eh!!!



IMG 1236

The smell and sight and sound of roasting pigs got us very excited for our lunch.



It took us 1.5 hours to get to the restaurant. Don't you just love Cebu traffic?

To keep ourselves alive during the hunger journey, we snacked on crackers topped with cream cheese and guava jelly. 


IMG 4283

Thank you, Cindy, for the goodies, and Achi Donna for the 5 star assembly service!



IMG 1297




IMG 1244

Our biggest nightmare came to life. Rico's was empty and THERE WAS NO LECHON IN SIGHT!!!



We were famished and decided to order whatever lechon dishes they have, eat slowly (NOT), and wait patiently (NOT) for the 5pm fresh lechon delivery.



IMG 1247

We ate more cream cheese and guava jelly while waiting for the food



IMG 1249

And ordered silvanas because they were the fastest to be served



IMG 1254

Lechon Sisig - quite tasty but a tad too salty. I ate a lot of rice with this.



IMG 1258

Lechon Paksiw - the meat was tough and the sauce spicy



IMG 1260

Lechon Carbonara - margarine overload. Ugh.



IMG 1264

Lechon with Taosi Sauce - ok lah



IMG 1265

Lechon Lumpia - nothing fantastic



IMG 1262

Tanguige Steak - this was so tiny and paper thin!



IMG 1253

Pancit Canton



IMG 1259

 Garlic Rice



IMG 1269

There was a lot of time to kill so we walked around the area and bought Orange Twin Popsies -
a childhood favorite - to cleanse our palate



IMG 1274

And finally, a little before 5pm, the pigs arrived



IMG 1278

They weren't pretty to look at. This was Mr. Original.



IMG 1285

This was Mr. Spicy



IMG 1283

But all of the people in the restaurant were gawking like they've never seen anything more
mesmerizing in their lives before



IMG 1287

Please hurry up na, Ate! 



IMG 1295

We ordered half kilo of Rico's Original Lechon



IMG 1293

And another half kilo of Rico's Spicy Lechon



Well, let's just say. I wasn't impressed.

The meat was moist and tender, but it lacked that distinct flavor of Cebu lechon.

The pieces of skin were mostly soggy, but the few still-crunchy pieces tasted really good, like chicharon on steroids. Unfortunately, there were only about 2 pieces of those (and I believe I ate both), so the others were not able to experience the glory. :P

The spicy lechon was really just okay, not deserving of all that hype, methinks. 

I don't think we'll be back.

But I'm sure Rico won't mind. We heard Erap is his number 1 fan.



IMG 1263

Just a bunch of no-bodies. As in mga walang katawan! Ha ha ha :P


Rico's Lechon: Unit 4-5, The Ridges Commercial Building, F. Cabahug, Mabolo, Cebu City. Tel: +63 32 344 0119, +63 32 239 2830, +63933-6322248

Rico's Lechon Website

Rico's Lechon Facebook Page

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